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The Sabine ISD Education Foundation (SEF) held their 7th Annual “Cardinal Pride Patrol” with the SEF “Fairy Grant Mother” (Jane Lane) surprising teachers on all 3 campuses by presenting them with a check to announce their classroom grants had been funded.  There was a total of $63,002.62 in wishes granted to some very deserving teachers throughout the District! 

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to provide ways of bringing extra funds beyond the regular budget into the District through tax-deductible donations.  Since being founded in 2017, the Sabine ISD Education Foundation has been able to successfully put $338,651.94 back into the classrooms to support our students and staff at Sabine ISD. 


The huge “Success” of the SEF would not be possible without the generosity of those who support and believe in the Sabine ISD Education Foundation.   

To learn more about the SEF or ways to donate, please contact: 

Misty Gee, SEF Executive Director at (903) 984-8564 or   



Grant Awards for 2023 - $56,261.14

Grant Awards for 2022 - $48,459.67

Grant Awards for 2021 - $27,911.46

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